Good hygiene is essential for children's health and well-being, but getting them excited about handwashing can sometimes be a challenge. At Olliepop, we have created a range of kids' soaps, formulated with gentle ingredients but we've added a fun bath toy on top. The best aspect of our toy soaps is that they promote effective handwashing habits. Let's dive into how handmade soaps make bath time a blast!

A huge benefit to using handmade soaps is that you're avoiding harmful ingredients and it's sustainable, ethically sourced ingredients that cleanse effectively without causing dryness or irritation. Olliepop’s skin-loving ingredients include shea butter, almond oil, and dead sea minerals.  Kids' delicate skin requires special care, and we want to make a product just for that. 

Bath time can sometimes be met with resistance or boredom. Our rubber ducky soaps create a sense of excitement and playfulness. Kids are more likely to eagerly jump into the tub when they have a cute little companion waiting for them. These can float in the water, allowing children to play with them during their baths. This interactive element adds an extra layer of fun, turning bath time into an enjoyable and imaginative experience with every rinse.

The best thing about Olliepop’s fun toy soaps is that they last longer. These soaps are formulated to withstand multiple uses, ensuring they don't diminish quickly after a few washes. Not to mention, they look oh-so-adorable by the bath, shower, or sink side! 

Our soap-makers know that sensory experiences play a significant role in engaging children. Olliepop soaps are made with a delightful fruity scent that smells so good that it makes handwashing a pleasant experience. The fragrances are carefully chosen to be appealing without overwhelming sensitive noses. Moreover, Olliepop's soaps feature adorable animal shapes to fun colors, adding excitement to each lather.

Say goodbye to boring baths! Add a sense of joy, playfulness, and practicality to your child's bath time.