Raise your hand if you love clean skin! We have luxurious handmade soap options that contain Active Charcoal, a fine deep cleansing ingredient. Not only is it gentle and great for sensitive skin, the benefits charcoal adds to soap is capturing toxins and chemicals that may be trapped in your skin. This means that every drop of dirt and bacteria is removed from your skin when washing with Active Charcoal soap, leaving you with healthy and clear skin. Active Charcoal has been described as “particularly brilliant for acne, problem-prone skin, charcoal effectively cleanses the skin of excess sebum, impurities, and bacteria - helping to boost the clarity of your complexion and reduce the chance of further breakouts” (Look Fantastic). We believe that Active Charcoal adds the perfect purifying trait that will enhance your bathing experience. Our Black Marble Butter Bar and our Active Charcoal Bath Soap are available in his & her scents. Treat your skin to a soft cleansing experience when you wash with our handmade soap that contains Active Charcoal.